Spanish Super Cup

Like many similar games in other countries, such as the Community Shield in the UK, the Spanish Super Cup is a two leg competition between the winners of the League championship, La Liga, and the Cup competition, the Copa del Rey. In the event of the same team winning both Cup and League, the losing finalist in the Copa del Rey will make up the opposition. Thus in the current year the all-conquering Barcelona will be taking on the team they defeated in the Copa del Rey, Athletic Bilbao.

The Spanish Super Cup has been contested in its present form since 1987 as a contest played at each stadium of the participating teams with the first leg being played at the home of the winner of the Copa del Rey.
The two matches for what will effectively be the first trophy in the 2015-16 Spanish season will again be over two legs. The first match at Athletic Bilbao’s stadium will be on Saturday 8th August at 20.00 hours with the return match at the Camp Nou the following Friday.
Considering their current form, Barcelona must be favorites to take their first title of the new season – their superstar Lionel Messi already holds the record for the number of goals scored in this competition. However you can be sure that Athletic Bilbao will be keen to avenge their 3-1 drubbing from Barcelona in the Cup Final and when a match is played over two legs, there is always the possibility of an upset.
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