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Juventus or Juventus Torino, by the full name, is an Italian football club highly adored, priced by supporters, and envied by competitors for its established records in winning trophies. Above that, it is also known under the name Old Lady (Vecchia Signora), being founded in 1897. The first thing for which this team should be admired is the fact that it has always been ranked in the First Division/Serie A. the only exception is the 2006-07 season, when it was involved in the fixing scandal and as a consequence relegated to Serie B.

Juventus has won every possible European title and this statement speaks for itself when it comes to the greatness of this football club, for being the greatest Italian team and for leading the path for other football teams to achieve the same track record. We should mention the most important ones, leaving place for future successes:

• League Titles 28 – an unbeaten record.
• 9 Italian Cups, which is another acclaimed record.
• European Champion Clubs' Cup/UEFA Champions Leagues 2 trophies.
• Yet another record for its 3 UEFA Cups.
• 2 UEFA Super Cups.
• 1 UEFA Intertoto Cup.

If we sum up all the won trophies, we can establish the following statistics: Juve is the seventh football club in the world and among European teams it occupies the fourth place in winning the greatest competitions that the world of football has to offer.

We should take a close look to the 120 years of history and inform ourselves about the players who led Juventus on the path of achieving such honors. When we say Juve we implicitly say Alessandro Del Piero. Besides his talent and commitment during every match, this legend has his name engraved in history due to his loyalty. He was a captain that never left the boat even when his teammates abandoned it. Another legend, a player with greater skills much ahead of his time was Gaetano Scirea. There are five football players who have won all available trophies and he is one of them. Another great man and player for Juventus is Antonio Conte who fought for this club for 12 years. This list of greatest Juve players should also include Gianluigi Buffon one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time and the current captain. And we should also remember readers about Zinedine Zidane for his overall contribution to the football world. But we shouldn’t forget about Michel Platini who received the title as the European Footballer of the Year for three consecutive years.

<p > 12 million tifosi (fans) are currently supporting Juventus whether it wins or loses. This number accounts for 29% of Italian football fans and this surely makes it the greatest Italian club of all times and of the most loved clubs globally with 180 million fans around the globe. <p > When relegated to Serie B due to a scandal not due to faulty playing, Juventus players fought to win the Serie B title, they didn’t give up just because it was below their ranks or because a massive scandal was revolving around them, so this football club deserves all the appreciation it can get, even from rivals like Torino F.C., Milan, Roma and Fiorentina.

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