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Sun, 28 Feb 2016 20:45| Turin, Italy -Juventus Stadium
Juventus Stadium
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The Derby d'Italia (The Derby of Italy) is the football match played between Italian giants Inter Milan and Juventus. While the match is not strictly a derby, as the clubs are from different cities, the rivalry that exists between the two clubs is massive.

Inter Milan’s home matches are played at the 80,000-seater San Siro in Milan while Juventus play their home matches at the newly-built Juventus Stadium which has a capacity of 41,000.

The first match between the two sides was in 1909; Juventus won the match 2-0.The two clubs have played each other over 200 times. As of 2015, Juventus have 96 Derby d'Italia victories, to Inter Milan’s 67.

The top scorers in the derby are Guiseppe Meazza and Roberto Boninsegna. Meazza and Boninsegna scored 12 goals in the derby, having played for both sides. Ermanno Aebi holds the record for the most goals in a single match. He scored 4 of Inter’s goals in their 1911 6-1 win over Juventus.

One of the derby’s most heated moments came in 1961 when the two sides faced each other in what could have been a title decider. Due to overcrowding in the stadium the match was abandoned after 30 minutes. Inter, as the away side, were correctly awarded the victory. Juventus appealed the decision and the sides were forced to replay the fixture. As a sign of defiance, Inter fielded their youth team in the replay. Unsurprisingly Juventus thrashed Inter’s youth team 9-1 and won the Serie A title.

That 9-1 victory was Juventus’ biggest ever and also the highest scoring match between the two. Inter’s biggest win over Juventus was their 6-0 victory in 1954.

In 2013-14, the match at San Siro ended in a draw with all the goal-scoring action occurring in a two minute period. Icardi scored for Inter in the 73rd minute and Vidal equalized two minutes later. The return match at the Juventus Stadium was much more clear-cut – goals by Lichtsteiner, Chielini and Vidal putting the result beyond doubt despite a late consolation goal from Rolando.

A Carlos Tevez goal for Juventus was matched by Icardi for Inter in the January 2015 match at the Juventus stadium whilst at the San Siro, Icardi took the lead for the home time which was equalized by a Marchisio penalty and a Morata goal not long after half time settled the matter.

The owner of Inter Milan, Massimo Moratti, summed up the rivalry brilliantly by saying the derby was “a pathological rivalry, in sporting terms, which has always existed and will always exist. The derby is football itself: the memories, the emotions, the anguish, the joy, the pain. It’s got football’s charm and spectacle too. The derby is about all of those things.”


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