Frequently Asked Questions


Sports Events 365 – who are you?

We are a team of people with various professions (Lawyers, Engineers, Software developers, Marketing pros.) that are also sports fans. We used to travel a lot in the world, always looking for the next match to see. At the beginning of 2006 we decided to turn our hobby into a Start-up and started Sports Events 365 Ltd. We wanted every sports lover to have the full information about what's going on anywhere and to be able to find each match and tournament. We developed the first search engine for up-coming Sports Events, worldwide. Then we added the ability to buy tickets on-line, for most of the events we display in our site. Our prices move between competitive and excellent. Our customer service department is available for you 24/7. We believe in good service, and still love Sports!

Can I reach you if I have any issue?

After purchasing your ticket, you can use our emergency customer support hotline numbers +353-1-526-2839 and +34-93-1846750. This number should be used by existing customers only for any issue or enquiry regarding the purchased tickets. Our customer service team will handle any issue, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. It is important to inform us ASAP about any problems with the ticket itself or its delivery.

What happens if an event is postponed or cancelled?

On rare occasions, an event is postponed or cancelled. Although it is not in our hands, we'll inform you promptly so that you will be able to use your tickets to attend the rescheduled date (if the event was postponed). If you are not able to attend the rescheduled event we'll do our best to offer a refund or resell your tickets. In case the event was cancelled altogether – we'll request a refund from the event's organizers and in many cases such refunds are granted. Please note: we are bound by the event's organizers Terms & Conditions which differs between the events. We'll do our best to assist, but we cannot guaranty that.


How do I get my tickets?

For each ticket category you have an orange Buy button. More information about the delivery method is there. Usually there are one or two options that are available for each ticket.

Some guidelines:
Usually we supply your tickets to your hotel, the day before the match. The delivery is made by local courier services. A local address is also fine.
In some cases we will set a central pick-up spot, usually when you arrive at the day of the match, and do not have a hotel reservation.
Delivery in Italy will be, in most cases, at the stadium or a nearby spot. You will receive the full pick-up details by e-mail after your ticket is confirmed.
When we say "pick up at the venue", you still need to get the full instructions from us as to the exact location at the venue.
In Rome and Milan (and soon, in additional cities) hotel delivery is also possible for additional fee.
Home delivery is also possible in some cases, but the costs are quite high.

Should I inform the hotel about the arrival of the tickets?

It is very important that you inform your hotel. They should know you are expecting an envelope and the hotel reception must receive the delivery and sign for it.
Some guidelines:
Make sure the hotel is willing to sign and keep the envelope for you.
Make sure SE365 team knows under which name the room was booked.
Do not mention it is sports tickets you are waiting for, to avoid theft.
Sports Events 365 shall not be held liable in case of failed delivery due to the hotel's refusal to accept the envelope on your behalf.

We are not planning to stay at a hotel located in the city of the event, but the only delivery option available for our ticket is hotel delivery. What can we do?

We will probably be able to provide you with an alternative solution, usually by offering a collection point at a central hotel or other central pick up spot, especially in the following cities in which we manage most of our activity: Barcelona, Madrid, London, Manchester, Munich and Paris. For this purpose, while placing your order in our website, please add a relevant comment in the "Notes" section within the purchase page. Upon receiving your request we'll contact you and do our best to assist. Please note, delivery fees will be charged for sending the tickets to alternative pick up spot.

Booking And Payment

What if I didn't book any hotel yet?

If you do not have hotel details yet, you are most welcome to place your order and submit the hotel details at a later stage. In order to ensure proper delivery this must be done one week prior to the event. Our customer service team will stay in touch with you after your tickets are ordered and confirmed.

Why are tickets prices higher than their face value?

Sports Events 365 operates within the secondary market in which the availability of the tickets and their pricing are determined and differs by market's supply and demand. Therefore, in high profile or sold out events it is expected that the selling price of the tickets will be much higher than their face value. In addition, Please note that in most cases we purchase the tickets at a price much higher than their face value while adding just a modest handling fee to reflect the various costs we have to obtain in order to process your order, among which: maintaining and updating our multilingual website, keeping a network of representatives and suppliers, purchasing season tickets, not to mention providing unsurpassed customer service. We do our best to keep our prices competitive while offering you a wide range of tickets accompanied by an excellent customer service.

Can I cancel, for any reason, after I have placed an order?

Our cancellation policy is described in article 4 of the terms and conditions.

I have just purchased a ticket online, what am I supposed to receive and what will happen next?

In the next few minutes you will receive an automated e-mail message which means that we received your order details and started handling it. Within one working day, you will receive another e-mail with all of the details we need to insure the delivery of your tickets. There is no need to contact us. Every order is processed right away. Should you  have any questions or inquiries, before or after ordering, we would be more than happy to speak with you, simply use our "contact us" form or call us at +353-1-440-3952

What are the available payment means for ordering tickets?

We accept all major credit cards as the default payment method on our site. If you wish to pay with American Express please choose USD as the payment currency. We work in accordance with the strictest clearing standards (PCI). In some cases our sales team will ask for additional personal information or documentation to help finalize the order. Bank transfers - please note that wiring payments may take up to three working days during which the price of the tickets may change or the tickets may run out of stock. Therefore, if you wish to pay by bank transfer, please check with our sales team if it is possible to hold your ticket until the bank transfer is completed. For Paypal payment - Please contact our sales team.


Can you guarantee that we will sit together?

If not written differently, we are committed to seat you at least in pairs.
If you are three or more, we will do our best to seat you together, but we do not guarantee it.
If you MUST sit together, kindly check availability with our customer service team, by phone or e-mail. In most cases we will be able to confirm a specific request.
We sometimes offer "single" tickets. They are usually cheaper, but they are what they are – single.
Please note that in some stadiums (most notably Barcelona's "Camp Nou") seating together includes diagonal or perpendicular adjoined seats.

Where exactly will I sit?

The ticket categories we can offer are specified in each event page. We give as much information as we have. If we only write "Long side" or "Short side" – it means we do not have a more precise info about your seat. We will always supply the best available tickets, but can give no specific indication or guarantee about the exact seat. Please remember that most of the matches we sell tickets to are sold-out.