Why choose us?

It took us several years to fully understand the art of selling tickets to sports and shows around the world. We keep learning all the time as the market develop and constantly change.
In this page we'll try our best to show you what we know and hope to address everything that is on your mind when you are in the process of buying tickets.

Are we reliable? ?

Yes we are. And how can we prove it to you? Let's start with our cooperation with Miles & More, the largest traveler loyalty program in Europe with 20 million members of the Star Alliance (Lufthansa and 13 European airlines). We have built a joint website to enable Miles & More members to redeem or earn miles when buying tickets. We wouldn't have had this cooperation if it wasn't for our reliable service.

Will you get the tickets? 

The most crucial question in our business. First let us answer, and the answer is that we'll do everything in our power to confirm your tickets. 
After your tickets were confirmed by us, we will supply them, even if we'll have to pay more for them than you originally paid. 
In our business there are many companies that offer you: "100% money back guarantee". We offer 150% money back guarantee so you will know that we have an incentive to get your ticket. And, BTW, we exercised it only twice in the past 2 years, and over 75,000 tickets… We always supply confirmed tickets! At any cost! 

Direct and personal contact

We offer many ways of communication: Via Sports Events 365 websites, Phone, Mail, Chat, Facebook.
Once you order tickets you'll first get an automated mail to say your order was registered in our systems, then get a personal confirmation mail from a member of our customer service team with all the information and delivery details. You'll be able to contact him/her directly from now on.

What if something is not as planned?

Our pride is in our hotline number which you'll get as part of the information sent to you after you have purchased the tickets. The hotline number is available 7days a week 8:00am– 22:00pm (CET). We encourage customers to call this number whenever in need of assistance. The sooner we'll know the issue the better we handle the solution. 

Competitive prices? Yes!!!

After striving to be honest and reliable our goal is to be as competitive as possible. We are constantly trying to improve our ticket sources and prices. Our Purchasing Manager’s goal is to keep on sourcing for reliable, competitive prices. To ensure Sports Events 365 standards of service and reliability and maintained all our suppliers signed a contract to work under our terms.

Variety of events

We have over 60,000 yearly sports events on our website, and thousands of shows and concerts every given moment. We present a variety of tickets for most of them.

Event schedule confirmation

Our content manager keeps track of the schedule confirmation status for matches in the main European football leagues and updates the database accordingly. If you are planning to buy tickets and the schedule has not been confirmed, you'll be able to find information about the optional earliest and latest day and time, so you’ll get the time boundaries and can safely plan your flight and hotel bookings. This information will help you better plan your trip. If you ask yourself "how will you know the final date?" we urge you to constantly check our website for updates. In any case, we started a new and unique service of updating online customers on any schedule change for the event they have bought tickets for.

Search options

We offer you many ways to search our database freely. Search by destination. Search by team or artist and Search by league. We try hard to enable you to find your desired event.

Secure & safe transaction

We modified our work methods to fully comply with the PCI (Payment Card Industry ) standard - an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major debit, credit, prepaid, e-purse, ATM, and POS cards. We are doing all we can to keep your data safe and secure. Why not a ticket exchange? Because you deal directly with us and not with an unknown seller. We commit to deliver. The ticket exchange commit to refund you in case something goes wrong.