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Nowadays, when thinking about the greatest football teams we are prone to pronounce Barcelona or Real Madrid but what about Liverpool? This football club has such a rich history, such amazing performances, such joy for playing with art on the field that after finding some facts every reader will become an instant supporter, no matter the country in which he resides. One reason to start with is that in the British culture the world football is instantly associated with this football club and no other could equal its importance.

We mentioned history so let’s share some bewildering facts: Liverpool leads the tops among other English teams when it comes to European trophies and titles: 3 UEFA Super Cups, the same number of UEFA Cups, and 5 European Cups. If we add to that the 8 League Cups which are also a standing record, 7 FA Cups, and 18 League titles then we surely understand that we are talking about a hard-to-beat force. This majestic history is shadowed by 2 major events involving Liverpool’s supporters: in 1985 fans caused a wall to collapse and 39 Juventus fans were killed in the tragedy and the other took place 4 years later when 96 passionate supporters of this English club lost their lives due to a crushing against perimeter fencing.

Liverpool FC has gathered so many wild and passionate supporters, fans that share the overall feeling transmitted by the anthem You'll Never Walk Alone, due to the players that fought for this club along the way. Starting with contemporary players, we should mention Dirk Kuyt striker for this club for 6 years now and still counting. Even though Michael Owen now plays for the rival club, Manchester United, his scoring days belong to Liverpool. Jamie Carragher has been playing for the Reds since 1996 and will be remembered not as a flashy player but as an intelligent one.

Moving on, Roger Hunt was a great striker, the second best being outmatched only by Ian Rush, a true legend due to his record: 346 goals in 600 matches. Kevin Keegan scored exactly 100 goals for Liverpool but he is well known for his unique ability of making other players perform at the highest level. Steven Gerrard is one great midfielder possibly the best, playing for the Reds since 1998 and maybe he will play until winning a Premier League trophy. Kenny Dalglish might be named as the greatest football player to play for Liverpool not due to his scoring ability, which was by much overcome by other famous players but due to his dedication, his true love for the team, and due to his strange ability of making others look great, just like the player he replaced, Kevin Keegan.

<p > Liverpool FC was founded in 1892 and had the most glorious period during the '70s and '80s but they will surely live up once again to that greatness in the near future and until then it’s our job to support them and enjoy the offered spectacle when fighting and winning against rivals like Everton (the rivalry is entitled the Merseyside derby) and Manchester United.

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UEFA Champions League (Football (Soccer)) Basel, Switzerland - St. Jakob Park 01 Oct 2014
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Premier League (Football (Soccer)) Liverpool, England - Anfield 04 Oct 2014
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Premier League (Football (Soccer)) Liverpool, England - Anfield 25 Oct 2014
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League Cup (Capital One Cup) (Football (Soccer)) Liverpool, England - Anfield 28 Oct 2014
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Premier League (Football (Soccer)) Newcastle, England - St James Park 01 Nov 2014
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UEFA Champions League (Football (Soccer)) Madrid, Spain - El Estadio Santiago Bernabeu 04 Nov 2014
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Premier League (Football (Soccer)) Liverpool, England - Anfield 08 Nov 2014
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Premier League (Football (Soccer)) London, England - Selhurst Park 23 Nov 2014
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